Thoughts on relate or sell

Just a passing thought: why don’t I really enjoy Squidoo or many blogs? Because most informative articles I’ve started reading degenerated into a sales page by the third paragraph.

Come on, you know what I’m talking about.

I understand you’d like to make a little money off your online activities.


If you think I’m going to accept a sales pitch in lieu of the actual information you appeared to be promising me I won’t be making any purchases.

The flip-side is that those who are generous with their information may make a sale or two on the side, because I as a visitor feel respected (you didn’t bludgeon me with sales pitch,) valued (you don’t see me as a meal ticket,) and even honoured (you trusted me enough to share information with me)

Contrary to popular blogging belief I am not sitting here with nothing to do, waiting for something to spend my money on. Note: my money, not yours. I’m paying for the data I’m using to look at your site.

stealing money

Money grab (by Woodsy)

Photo by Woodsy

Have the courtesy to blush if you’ve lost sight of your relationship with your readers, if you have objectified and monetised them.

Monetize: to utilize (something of value) as a source of profit.

Give yourself a quick hug (or pat on the back) if you already understand that a good, healthy, respectful, trustworthy relationship builds a longer lasting, more sustainable business.

Thank you
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