More lovely patterns

Just a picture of my duvet cover – is that random enough for you?

New duvet cover

duvet cover

Here’s a modified closeup of that pattern – its a lovely soft blue with less yellow than most at the moment.

Pattern on duvet cover

pattern on duvet


Mulling over some ideas

So I’ve started taking some lovely sunrise photos on my phone, thanks to Molome

Amongst the other things I’ve photographed are some of a sweet floral pattern stitched on my skirt. ¬†Those who have looked at numerous medieval books of hours will recognise this as a traditional acanthus pattern. ¬†Acanthus referred to here

So here are a couple of bits I’ve edited from my photos.

Stitched acanthus design


And another I tiled from part of the above design

Tiled acanthus tendrils

Tiled acanthus tendrils