jevvv in Other Legendary Hat

About … me I guess

About me?  I’m not the best person to ask that question.

Ask my hubby and I’m the one who makes sure we have food to eat etc

Ask my daughter and I’m the one who encouraged her wacky sense of humour, taught her to read and even do long division

Ask my son and I’m the one who listens to his long involved explanations of how his inventions work, advises him on computer matters and insists the study gets done

If you press me I’ll say I muck about on the computer, answer the phone, do the laundry and dabble in creative ideas using words, colours, textures and photos… but I’m only just beginning 😉

And so to the bit that I’m supposed to do here:

I like this and that sport – lies, it’s all lies I tell you!

I am involved in this and that community endeavour – who has time for this with family? Actually I do some.

I spend all my time on my family and none on myself – I’d go nuts if I didn’t get some me time

I still look drop-dead gorgeous – never have and never will

And so do all my family – some of them do 😉

And you should be a little embarrassed for not looking like me – what tosh, what poppycock, what twaddle.


I do tend to be a wee bit sarcastic from time to time, and I believe that without humour we do everyone a disservice.  We take ourselves too seriously folks!

And we don’t spend enough time having fun, mucking about, making stuff and experimenting.

You could say this is part of a voyage of discovery.


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